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Artist Statment

I am passionate about creating non-didactic, inspiring artwork of threatened and endangered species that cannot to speak on their own behalf. Through the use of freehand-drawn and cut stencils, watercolor, and homemade inks from natural pigments, I bring attention to the impact humans are having on the Earth’s other inhabitants.


Creating each piece is a slow process, from research, to the initial drawing, to cutting out the stencil and painting it onto paper. This time gives me the opportunity to “hang out” with my subject. To witness it from a state of awe, attempt to see all its intricate majesty, think about its life, its joys and hardships.


In a world where fear and apocalyptic framing are widely used to influence people, I create work that is positive, and presents the issue in a non-confrontational manner. This artwork is a way for me to honor living beings and craft something beautiful and healing. I try not to tell my viewers what to think, rather create a moment for reflection.

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