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Art Exhibit! Where We Have Been and Where We are Going: an exhibit of threatened, endangered and re

Opening reception: February 12th from 5pm-7pm

Exhibit dates: February 12th-March 31st. Location: Tides Foundation/Thoreau Center for Sustainability, in the Seed Gallery. Facebook event:

I am thrilled to be partnering with the Rainforest Action Network ( and the Center for Biological Diversity ( They will be co-sponsoring the opening reception, and 15% of the proceeds from any sale at the exhibit will be donated to each organization.

Below is a write-up about the exhibit:

Xander Weaver-Scull is passionate about creating non-didactic, inspiring artwork of threatened and endangered species that do not have the ability to speak on their own behalf. This exhibit intermingles three bodies of work: 1. A twenty-five foot long accordion book of threatened and endangered species from California. 2. A series of threatened and endangered species that would be negatively impacted by the Keystone XL Pipeline. 3. A series of pieces from a children’s book he is writing and illustrating about threatened and endangered species that have been “de-listed” due their recovery. Through the use of hand-drawn and cut stencils, watercolor, and homemade inks from natural pigments, he brings attention to the impact humans are having on the Earth’s other inhabitants. In a world where fear and apocalyptic framing are widely used to influence people, he creates work that is simple, positive, and presents the issue in a non-confrontational manner. This artwork is a way for him to honor living beings harmed by human action, and to craft something beautiful and healing. “I try not to tell my viewers what to think, rather create a moment for reflection and appreciation.” Each stencil reflects a simplified version of the Earth’s ecosystem, like a puzzle comprised of distinctive pieces. Alone each piece is unique, but essentially meaningless without the other pieces to complete the whole.


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