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All of my stencils are freehand drawn and cut, using permanent markers and an x-acto knife. (*No digital manipulation or tracing involved). The stencil material is .005mm acetate.


I have painted/applied my stencils using a variety of methods onto numerous surfaces. Originally I only used spray paint onto paper. However, spray paint is very toxic to the environment and eventually ruins the acetate stencil, so I decided to explore alternatives. These alternatives include, watercolor, home made inks such as redwood, blackberry, and earth inks (made out of dirt water and maple syrup). 


To see DIFFERENT versions of each species CLICK through the galleries below. (The arrows can be difficult to see against the white paper). 


"Recovered"Species Series:

(works in progress)

Threatned/Endangered species impacted by the Keystone XL Pipline:


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